Rodrigo Ochigame

PhD candidate, MIT Program in History, Anthropology, and Science, Technology, and Society


My PhD dissertation, Remodeling Rationality: Computation and Critical Inquiry, seeks to rethink twentieth-century computational models of rationality, such as formal logic, utility maximization, belief revision, information retrieval, and preference aggregation. I study possible alternatives to these dominant models. Current interests include:


Filtering Dissent: Social Media and Land Struggles in Brazil
Rodrigo Ochigame and James Holston
New Left Review no. 99 (2016)

Hailed as organizational tools of the oppressed, social media have also emerged as powerful surveillance apparatuses, but could existing power structures be reinforced even by the very algorithms they use to order data? A history of algorithmic filtering and a case study of its role in the land struggles of Brazil’s Guarani and Kaiowá peoples.